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Work smarter, not harder with a Live software solution that actually makes sense for the company and your clients.
To grow your client base the way you deserve, you need to be tracking the right communication metrics all across your organization.

To grow your client base the way you deserve, you need to be tracking the right communication metrics all across your organization.

That’s why we have built Live

a full omnichannel platform that helps companies worldwide grow their profitability by optimizing and automatizing their internal and external communication and processes, enabling their customers to engage actively with their brand.

Live changed their lives, maybe it can change yours as well:
Why Live?

More Profit

Leverage your contact center internal and external communication processes,. Drive your bottom-line profit by increasing productivity.

Real-time Reporting

Live has dedicated reporting tools that enable you to monitor and control each step in customer relationships.

Forecast Business Outcome

Evaluate your ROI more effectively with a unified reporting dashboard.

Less Money Left on the Table

Figure out where you’re losing money and target processes that should be changed to recoup the capital.

Uncover unique platform with unified interface for managing all communications channels that enable you to delight your customer wherever they are.

With a simple, intuitive, and detailed interface get a clear view that enables you to actively monitor not only contact activities but also overall organization productivity and customer relationship metric.
The customer experience game has changed for good.
Take a look at how Live helps companies stay in the game.

Know your customers’ needs 

By monitoring everything from the first contact with your organization to the after sales, Live enables you to easily understand your customers in a way that allows you to be a proactive partner to them - the one that proposes various solutions to their current and future needs they may have.

Benefit from a market truth serum

Understand how your market is reacting in real-time and what messaging & channels make sense for your customer’s needs.

Track client related communication 

The core of Live is our comprehensive powerful interface that doesn't just monitor your contact center, but also makes it easy to analyze how you can work smarter by easily identifying the root of a communication problem.

Dive deep into your workflow

Discover your most profitable processes and eliminate the ones that are not bringing value so you could easily scale the ones that deliver the most value to your firm’s clients.

Clone your most successful agent

Get to know what separates your best reps from the rest, according to data. Turn your average sellers into stars.

One interface for all communication 

Simple, intuitive, and detailed interface enables you to actively monitor not only contact center activities but also the overall organization productivity and customer relationship metrics.

The client management suite you’ve been waiting for.
Track customer communication, history, engagement and more with a comprehensive suite of features for managing your clients and contact centre at the same time.

Make changes in  communication.

Drive a meaningful change by tracking client's brand satisfaction and easily identify areas where the relationship doesn't make financial sense.

Auto-assign inbound calls to the right experts.

Live seamlessly dispatches all inbound calls by intelligently recognizing which expert should take the call. This makes your customers feel like VIPs all the time.

Support your online customers like a superhero.

Optimize every new online client onboarding process by enabling clients to contact you through their preferred channel, 24/7.
Powerful tools for growing your revenue. A cliché or not?
With contact management, direct sales management, campaign and collection management tools, the Live Platform boosts your company’s efficiency and overall profitability.

Intelligently manage your call center workforce.

Resolve customer complaints faster than ever by dispatching your tickets in a smart way.

Evaluate and optimize your overall call center and service desk ROI.

How does it work?
Glad you asked.
How does it work?
Glad you asked.


Customer interactions across channels such as e-mail, SMS, video, social media, fax or a call.


What the processes are behind and where your customers engage the most with your company.


A level of customer service above industry standards by solving problems faster.
Ready to improve your client-oriented communication?
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