Virtual Front Desk

System that Enables You to Serve Your Customers Anywhere on the Planet.
The full power of digitization of services.
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Virtual Front Desk is a digital solution that serves a number of industries, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer service anywhere and at any time.

Remote customer service at its best.

Key benefits

Eliminate location-based services forever.
You are in Europe, and your customer is in Asia? No problem, Live Virtual Front Desk helps you manage everything through video - from digital onboarding to client identification. This enables you to provide worldwide services entirely online, regardless of your location.
No more duplicate conversations with customers.
Everything from SMS, social, e-mail, or video is there. It will be synced in such a way that communication that you start via one channel will be visible in another, so you don't "bother" your customers with the same conversation over and over again.
Never miss to return a customer call again.
Leaving a customer on hold or not providing support at the crucial moment is what makes them disengage from your company. With the Live callback option, you can always schedule a callback session at the most suitable time for your customer. This will make your customer feel that you control the process entirely personalized way, even in the busiest periods.
Instead of heavily investing in IT, invest in your people.
Live Virtual Front Desk enables you to integrate solutions within a few days with no heavy IT resource occupation or investment. This will significantly reduce the TCO of your digitalization investment and free your budget for further investment into skills and people.
GDPR, PSD2 & eIDAS compliant solution.
Focusing on flexibility, scalability and omnichannel approach is what makes Live a solution that companies trust and get benefit from. That is why we focus even more on security and GDRP compliance that, together with ideas, will fully secure your investment in Live.
End-to-end secure environment.
Elevate your usual communication using e2e encrypted connection to boost sales, support, and new customer acquisition.
Key Modules

Digital Customer Enabler

Anything from identity verification and confirmation, eSignature or video call with a possibility to co-browse or share a screen is integrated here.

Secure E2E History Storage

All files shared, all deals signed and all information exchanged are available both to the client and the company, in a completely secure and encrypted environment.

Complete Communication Support

Automatically respond to simple questions to facilitate communication or quickly resolve complaints with an option of scheduling call-back sessions with customers at the most convenient time.

Feel the Power of Live.

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