Less complaints. More time to build a meaningful relationship.
Live Platform for the financial institutions generate more time for bankers to develop meaningful relationships as complaints have been reduced with the Platform intelligent complaint and service systems.
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Looking to delight customers by creating a new communication model of customer service? Check out Live Platform that helps companies within the finance sector completely reinvent customer communication.

Banking benefits

How to decrease customer acquisition cost by double digits
Offer superior customer experience
Inbound and outbound sales calls optimization
Reducing call wait time by double digits
Automate repeatable processes and allow agents to become proactive consultants
Measure key sales metrics in real-time
Fully secure & GDPR compliant product
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Make claim processing as easy as never before.
Live helps you increase insurance agent productivity by helping them close opportunities faster with digital self-service options for the insurance industry.
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Omnichannel platform for insurance industry digitalization.
Digitize all parts of communication from sales to customer support within insurance companies.

Insurance benefits

Chatbot that understand insurance

Tailoring seamless customer experiences, with AI-powered interactions, driven by secure, omni-channel insurance bots that helps you sell 24/7.
Boost your customer acquisition
Get control over your customer retention


Create a delightful shopping experience.
Having a great product is a must, but delivering a great shopping experience is what makes you a superhero.
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Using Live in retail is like having your best sales, marketing and customer service person in front of each and every customer working 24/7. With Live solution you can run even the most complex tasks that will make you one step ahead of your customers' needs.

Retail benefits

Personalize your communication

If you are looking for a solution that would help you grow your sales numbers and optimize agent engagement, look no more.

The solution enables you to have a user profile overview in a way that will let you know their “DNA” in a second so you could speak on a fully personalized level over all channels to your customers.

And when we say fully personalized level we do not mean talking to your customers in a form “first_name” , “last_name” messages but we mean addressing the real customer needs they have and helping them find a solution to their problems.

Scale globally at anytime with power of AI

By integrating all channels like phone, live-chat, email, social and more you will enable your customers to shop everywhere from the website, app or the store and switch between different
channels delivering constant level of customer services and consistent communication that will not make your customers angry while repeating the same questions all over again on each channel. 

Switch between communication channels with ease

Keep your customers happy 24/7 enabling them to shop around at any time they prefer (even when you are on holiday) engaging with your company instantly.

Combination of chat bots and the power of AI enables you to automate many processes that could serve your customers needs like predicint purchase intent and intelligently escalating requests so they get the best possible instant shopping experience.

Get actionable customer insights

Collecting, unifying and analyzing customer data for smarter decision making and the campaigning provides your company with a substantial advantage when facing disruptive and competitive challenges. The transparency provided makes it possible for the teams to react more quickly to changes in markets or customer preferences that are more than often in the retail sector.
Meet some of the companies that trust Live:


Bridge the gap between appointments and resources.
One solution for managing all your patient communication.
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One solution to manage everything from scheduling appointments to sharing patient reports.
Live platform keep all your patient oriented communication streamlined at one place.

Healthcare benefits

Minimize no-shows

Live smart calendar helps you actively manage all your bookings so you never waste doctors or patients time. Managing all internal resources in combination with time slots and patient availability has never been easier.   

Book medical exam from any channel

Omnichannel approaches help patients book an exam from any channel they prefer at anytime they like. Being there for your customers is what makes healthcare such a unique industry and Live help you with that.   

Get instant answers to non-medical queries

Some patient queries don’t require a healthcare professional to answer. For example, which bills should be paid or when there is a free slot for a medical exam, or when his next appointment is something that could be answered by non medical personnel or even machines. That is why Live uses bots in order to automate responses on non professional queries that could significantly save time on both sides, patient and healthcare institution.

Post-discharge engagement

Providing a high quality treatment in a non-negotiable category. Providing exceptional post-discharge patient care should also fall into that category. With Live  you patients will truly feel you are thinking of them constantly.


Be there for your customers at hard times.
Timing for the critical services you provide are essential to your customers’ lives.
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Many different emergencies can put customers in danger, making communications vital for the utilities industry. Differentiate yourself by providing outstanding customer experience when it is really needed.

Utilities benefits

Use the power of IVR to prioritize calls

Ensure emergency calls take priority with intelligent routing and IVR functionality. By intelligently routing emergency calls to the most appropriate and skilled agents, you can quickly handle the situation and put the customer at ease.

Unified agent desktop

Consolidating and vizualizing customer data, communication channels, and information into a single desktop is critical in properly and timely servicing your customers. This way Live producte actionable customer data and knowledge at your agents’ fingertips so they can solve customer problems without deep digging for an information. By bringing all customer data to a single screen, agents are empowered to personalize each interaction.

Proactively notify customers

Proactively notify customers about planned activities or unexpected emergencies over multiple different channels.

You can even create automated notifications, reminders of appointments and proactively reach out to customers regarding changes.

Automate the most frequently asked inquires

In the utilities industry there are many frequently asked questions and common inquiries that could be automatized with Live in order to reduce operations costs.

Even though customers should be able to solve most of their problems in self-service channels, it’s best to always provide an easy way for your customers to speak with a live agent by using intelligent IVR routing options that will drive a call toward most skilled agents.
Some of the tents of companies that trust us:


Full omnichannel tourism and hospitality platform.
Put a smile on the customer's face while they book a holiday with you.
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Platform for personalized customer serving in tourism and hospitality.
Live enables companies in tourism and hospitality to solve main issues customers face while engaging with a provider.

Hospitality benefits

Lack of omnichannel support

Customers need consistent support from businesses over all channels: mobile, social, chat, messaging... Agents end up asking the same question repeatedly or are unaware of the context of the call is something your business should avoid if you would like to boost your customer experience.

Low Agent efficiency

Due to pretty lengthy calls, the productivity of agents takes a toll. As a result, agents can’t concentrate less on other back-office tasks, within their stipulated work hours. Helping them be more effective creates a space for your business to scale.

Higher Average Ticket Handling Time

Tracking all customer data at one place such as customer history, customer communication data or customer claims is not an easy task to do. Not having it centralized in one “Q” results in very high average ticket handling time and low customer satisfaction.

What Live can do for the tourism and hospitality industry?

Personalized booking experience

The power of predictive analytics that collect and process customer history and booking experiences in order to create persona-based packages is what changed the way industry work. Being able to up sell and cross sell at any time will boost your revenue.

Make your customers feel safe trusting you

Timely customer engagement over preferred channels is what makes your customers feel safe trusting you while planning a trip. Proactively managing alerts and communicating with the customers over multiple channels like mobile, SMS or social will help you improve personalized booking and overall customer experience.

No more waste of customer time

Live smart call routing ensures that all  inbound calls are handled by the best possible resource based on their availability and knowledge so customers get the best possible experience. This is done by deeply understanding customer data (from the CRM module) and IVR selection for best support outcomes.

Lottery & Gaming

Next generation communication platform for gaming and lotteries.
Timing for the critical services you provide are essential to your customers’ lives.
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Next generation communication platform for gaming and lotteries.

Lottery & Gaming benefits

Identity verification

Easily onboard players from everywhere. With online identity verification service Live helps you deliver the right digital experience so players will keep coming back and referring to more players as you provide secured and seamless onboarding experience.

Complaint management

Your whole reputation relies on credibility and trust.

When it comes to the lottery, almost all participants will be above board.

Unfortunately, it only takes one scheme to be pulled off and made public and the entire operation will be questioned.

Utilizing Live as your complaint management software will help you conduct the thorough, consistent and timely investigations that are so important to maintaining credibility.

Omnichannel customer support

Easily onboard players from everywhere. With online identity verification service Live helps you deliver the right digital experience so players will keep coming back and referring to more players as you provide secured and seamless onboarding experience.

Personalized marketing campaigns

No more “shooting in the dark”.

Run your marketing campaigns with the highest possibility to convert and sell, all by a properly segmented audience.

Live enables you to properly segment your audience by their intention to buy and behaviour so you can fully personalize the message and the channel in order to get maximum ROI.

AI based customer nurturing (care)

Predictive modeling that AI brings completely changes the retention and user acquisition game.

Advanced customer segmentation combined with AI models helps you systematically understand and identify customers who are most likely to purchase a product or a service that you plan to offer.

Anti-money laundering

Live alarms on potential fraud in real-time, so you can be confident that you are only onboarding trustworthy customers. Our end-to-end solution can automate key components and eliminate costly manual processes in AML.

Automate your transaction monitoring

Keep your credibility healthy with Live fraud monitoring.

Prevent payments from stolen cards, block unauthorized transactions fraud to grow your business safely.

Secured way to manage transactions

Flexibility in use, consistency in security is what makes a Live solution an integral part of your transactions no matter if we are talking about cards, e-wallets or tokens.
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Improve customer experience with Live omnichannel platform.
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