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Key benefits

Focus your energy on customers, not the administration.
With Live Omnichannel Contact Center solution, you will see what it looks like when a solution enables you to focus on improving customer experience and not worrying about red tape. Live will take over any task - from contact database administration, file sharing, task management to team collaboration - leaving you to focus on the essence of the communication.
No more duplicate contacts on your contact list.
Being able to control your data quality puts you in the position to increase the consistency of your client relations throughout the whole organization, avoiding duplication of contacts with the existing accounts or unsolicited issues.
Scale your contact center in a day.
Many contact centers start small in order to test the benefits they can get from the platform and soon they wish to expand the solution usage. Live system architecture, powerful API and flexible administration setup allows you to easily scale the solution from a couple of seats to hundreds of users without heavy investment in the infrastructure.
Reduce agent time to reach by <20%
Waiting in line while you have an emergency is the thing that demotivates you to work with the company you engage with. Live smart call systems in combination with unified automatic contact distribution significantly reduces ART (average response time) by at least 40% leaving your customers satisfied with your speed and efficiency.
Improve agent efficiency by delivering key customer information at the right time
The average time an agent spends on the call (out of their available working hours) is what makes a contact center effective. Live’s unique way of processing and presenting customer data and information collected from all communication channels enables agents to speed up resolution time per ticket significantly.
Keep abandonment rate well below 5%
Many reports address that 8% is an average contact center abandonment rate. And being average is not enough, so Live helps companies reduce their abandonment rates significantly by serving unified customer data over all channels at the right moment.
Reuse solved tickets to automate repeatable answers for most frequently asked questions.
The true power of automation of Live Omnichannel Contact Center relies on the fact that the system reuses already solved incidents and gathers them in a valuable knowledge database that can be used to speed up the process of answering the most common (repeatable) question saving both you and your customer time and energy.
Key features:

Customizable Agent and Supervisor Workspace

Customizable Agent and Supervisor Workspace


Knowledge Management

Team Collaboration Tool


Why Customers Use Live?

Ticket  Automation

Leverage your contact center internal and external communication processes, drive your bottom-line profit by increasing productivity.

Tailor-made Solution

Live provides a tailor-made solution that can easily adapt to the specific customer requirements. Having the capacity to add functionalities according to specific requests from every customer significantly speeds up implementation time and overall solution TCO.

Flexibility in Use

Live modularity, scalability and easy to use user interface makes an agent never want to leave the platform. The platform was created with an end-user in mind (agent), covering all the aspects of the supervision and customer engagement as well, delivering one platform for all communication processes.

Feel the Power of Live.

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