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12 Benefits of using a virtual front desk receptionist

More than anyone else, a business owner can attest to the truth of the proverb "Customer is King." However, busy business owners don't have enough time in the day to offer 24/7 assistance to their customers. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about virtual front desk receptionist and its use across industries.

Nevertheless, by sending them to voicemail in this manner, you run the risk of losing significant customers. You need an exceptional person at the front desk to provide exceptional customer service if you want to keep those customers while managing other crucial tasks. The use of a virtual front desk receptionist makes this possible. It's not surprising that more companies are switching to a remote office model, given the technological advancements of the 21st century. A virtual front desk receptionist can provide excellent customer service while saving time and money. Even though this has increased in popularity, many companies are still unclear about what it is. Also, consider whether it would be beneficial for their practice. This article will discuss the idea of a virtual front desk receptionist and the top 12 benefits they can offer your business.

What is a virtual front desk receptionist?

Virtual front desks are a form of remote customer service that lets companies outsource their need for receptionists. This can involve doing things like taking phone calls, making appointments, and collecting payments, as well as taking IDs, emails, and signatures. In comparison to a traditional front desk receptionist, a virtual one can work remotely for some of the standard administrative duties. Virtual front desk receptionists are skilled, highly trained customer service agents who can help you with phone answering and maximize human resources. Further, they make it easier for your customers and suppliers to get in touch with you. They can become fluent in the language used by your company and interact with customers. Actually, a virtual front desk receptionist is capable of much more than just taking calls. You can depend on them for other commonplace tasks like data entry, project management, and email management. They have been around for a long time, despite the misconception that it is a recent idea. For years, companies have used remote customer service agents to handle sales and customer support duties. Live virtual front desk system enables you to serve your customers anywhere on the planet.

So, how does having a qualified virtual front desk receptionist help your company? There are 12 benefits listed below.

12 benefits of using a virtual front desk receptionist

1. You'll reduce costs

When you hire on-site staff, you agree to pay them a salary. A receptionist needs a physical workspace as well as tools like a desk, chair, and computer. However, if you hire a virtual front desk receptionist, you won't have to do that. You only pay for the time you use it, and that capacity can be easily scaled up or down depending on the volume of incoming calls. Additionally, a visitor can conveniently check themselves in using a kiosk or go touchless using their own smartphone or tablet. This streamlined process allows visitors to provide the necessary information, take a picture, and eSign documents, ensuring a smooth and efficient visitor management system.

Dealing with seasonal peaks can make use of this especially well. Virtual front desk receptionists bring their own equipment. You can avoid these expenses by contracting out administrative work to a virtual receptionist.

2. 24/7 Availability

Employee vacations, sick days, and breaks are no longer a concern. During regular business hours, after hours, and on the weekends, a virtual front desk receptionist is on call to take calls.

Keep both your current and prospective customers happy—that's the job. Your time spent returning calls, addressing questions, or scheduling appointments most likely interferes with your time spent with your family and at work. Having a receptionist who works in a different time zone from your company is one way to increase productivity and efficiency. Live virtual front desk helps you manage everything through video - from digital onboarding to customer identification. This enables you to provide worldwide services entirely online, regardless of your location.

You won't need to stress about any of that if you use a virtual front desk receptionist. While someone else takes your calls, provides customer service, sets appointments for you (using your calendar), and provides information as required, you can concentrate on what matters most to you. They serve as an extension of you and your business. You won't need to be at your desk or constantly checking your phone to make sure you don't miss any calls. They make sure to keep you informed of critical messages throughout the day while you're away from the office, on the job, or in customer meetings.

3. Improved customer service

It's likely that you've been losing business if you've been directing customers to an automated voicemail. Don't ignore customer service; even simple calls that go unanswered can lead to irate customers. Leaving customers on hold or not providing excellent service at a crucial moment is what makes them disengage from your business. With the Live callback option, you can always schedule a callback session at the most suitable time for your customers. This will make your customers feel that you control the process entirely personalized way, even in the busiest periods. Customers will have a better impression of your company because of a virtual front desk receptionist who answers calls promptly and professionally. Also, according to Statista's report, live chat satisfaction rates are higher across every industry.

Having in mind these facts, you can maintain a higher standard of customer service with the aid of a virtual front desk receptionist, which will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Bilingual services

A bilingual receptionist is beneficial if your company serves customers from around the world. According to I languages statistics, there are approximately 3.3 billion or 43% bilingual people worldwide. Your customer base will increase significantly if you work with a virtual front desk receptionist who is bilingual or multilingual. By providing call answering service in a language your customers can understand, a bilingual front desk receptionist will increase customer trust and satisfaction. Additionally, providing better customer service results in increased sales, referrals, and return business.

5. Organized tasks

A well-trained receptionist is one of the most important assets in customer-oriented organizations. They handle routine menial tasks systematically; they will maintain the order of your files, tickets, and explicit voicemails. Unfortunately, you might not be able to afford a dedicated receptionist as a small business. To keep things organized at work, it is better to use a virtual front desk service.

6. Quick call-answering service

If a live person doesn't answer their call right away, a lot of customers won't think twice about quitting your services. Because they have little patience, many customers also won't always ask for a callback. They must also get to the right person or department, which is also crucial. Your virtual front desk receptionist will quickly and accurately connect the appropriate caller. 

Live virtual front desk

7. Extensive training and years of experience

A virtual front desk receptionist is taught the proper way to answer the phone and send emails. They are thoroughly trained and have years of experience, unlike traditional receptionists. Your receptionist has probably dealt with a range of customers and requests.

Due to their wide range of experience, they are able to assess each request or question and give it the consideration and attention it deserves. Therefore, hire a virtual front desk receptionist to provide consistently excellent customer service.

8. Flexibility

Businesses that are expanding must be able to do so quickly. They need to be capable to rapidly increase their workforce. These options are available to companies when they use a virtual reception service. They can grow as business picks up, and they need not spend excessively during slow periods because only calls made on their behalf are charged for.

9. Add additional administrative and dairy support 

A virtual front desk receptionist is useful for more than just answering calls from customers. They can also assist you in organizing your day, scheduling meetings, and preventing double bookings. Additionally, it can eliminate the hassle of trying to coordinate multiple calendars. How can that happen? With the ability to simply provide the times you are available and receive notifications when the meeting is scheduled.

If someone wants to make an appointment with you, they can do so easily by using your virtual receptionist, to whom you can send updates on your movements whenever you like. They will ensure that only make appointments during your available hours. This gives you more time to devote to finishing your work. You can grant your receptionist access to the calendars of you and your team, and you'll only receive an alert whenever a new appointment is scheduled. Additionally, your synced diary will update in real time, so that both you and your receptionist have access to the most recent version of your calendar.

10. Enhance your online presence

Customer service is not just limited to phone answering. Additionally, interacting with website visitors via live chat on your website or social media, a virtual front desk receptionist. As visitors get prompt responses to their questions, this will strengthen your online presence. Also, Live virtual front desk enables you everything from SMS, social, e-mail, or video calls in one place. It will be synced in such a way that communication you start via one channel will be visible in another, so you don't "bother" your customers with the same conversation over and over again. Utilizing this, you can transform your website and social media accounts into effective sales tools. Visitors can easily access your company's contact information on mobile devices, making it convenient for them to reach out and inquire about your services.

According to Service Bell statistics, 41% of customers prefer live chat support. This way, you can effectively get assistance your business needs. Additionally, in today's online environment, regular social media posting is essential. However, building a solid online presence takes time. When you are concentrating on core operations, you might not have that time. A front desk receptionist you hire could also be in charge of coming up with interesting and persuading social media posts.

11. Less stress

Do unanswered phone calls, unfinished business, and missed opportunities worry you all the time? If so, hire a virtual receptionist to help you with your issues. They will lower your mental stress as you unwind in the knowledge that a professional is in charge of day-to-day operations.

12. Making your image stronger

The success of your business depends on how well your staff members take calls and respond to emails. A virtual front desk receptionist will keep your business looking professional. Your company will project a reliable and expert image if you have staff members who answer all calls in a clear, cordial, professional, and knowledgeable manner. These are the things that draw in customers and keep them coming back.

Advance your organization with virtual front desk receptionist

You can advance your operations with the assistance of a virtual front desk receptionist without exceeding your financial means. By gathering data and identifying trends from calls they receive, a virtual receptionist increases lead generation, enhances customer service, and assists in developing a better business strategy in real-time. It is incredibly useful for you whether you run a small business, startup, or are an entrepreneur. By utilizing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) software, virtual receptionists can make and receive phone calls from local area codes (such as the practice’s location) through their PC.

If you're thinking about implementing a virtual front desk, get in touch with Live today. We can assist you in finding the ideal virtual receptionist to meet your requirements and improve the effectiveness of your customer experience practice. Our virtual front desk solution can streamline the check-in process with contactless document scanning and form completion, enhancing the efficiency of your operations. Share any forms, documents, websites, or payment requests with QR codes to instantly share with your customers standing at the Virtual Front Desk station! Delivering high-quality customer service should be prioritized, and Live's virtual front desk services, along with the check-in process, can assist in making that happen.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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