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10 Contact Centers’ Best Practices for 2024

Customer expectations have changed because of digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI). Regarding quicker reactions, they have raised their bar. Additionally, in accordance with this statement, contact centers must adjust their working practices. Nowadays, businesses are gathering more customer data than ever before. Customers want amazing customer experiences in exchange. People are much less likely to work with you if you don't provide a flawless customer experience. According to statistics, 86% of consumers are inclined to pay more for a great customer experience.

Customers' experiences with your brand ultimately determine how they view it. In fact, a single transaction with the contact centers can make or break the entire customer experience, with over 50% of customers, according to statistics, switching to a competitor after just one negative customer experience. Consistent and innovative customer experience has a big impact on a company's financial performance. Readjusting the customer experience has consequently become a top concern for companies.

Contact centers’ trends give businesses a forward-looking view. They let companies know how digital transformation and using artificial intelligence (AI) may help their contact centers produce the best possible customer experience.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the ten contact centers’ best practices for 2024 you can implement.

10 Contact Center Best Practices for 2024

1. Delivering a new experience to the new-age consumer

According to this report, by the end of 2024, the number of smartphone users is likely to reach 7.1 billion. Even if the figures are startling, it is unexpected that making calls is the least common activity carried out on these phones.

Most users use it to text and access social media apps. It is crucial for brands to recognize that calling and being called by customers are not the only ways for customers to interact with companies these days.

Customers today anticipate quicker replies than they did in the days before social media. So, it's critical for contact centers to develop strategies and procedures that meet customers' demands appropriately. The two reliable cornerstones of building a strong customer experience satisfaction score are interactive voice response (IVR) and integrated communication channels. The COVID pandemic only pushed this technology forward. According to the research, the IVR System market is forecast to reach $8.30 billion by 2030. The Live software solution can help you with a visual interface to create an IVR tree. It can provide an adaptable IVR editor with various features, from essentials like menus, custom music and messages, and queue routing to more advanced like authorization text-to-speech and multilingual capabilities. Using custom menus and intelligent routing, you may combine payment processing (telebanking) with automation and bots.

2. Using the right cloud solutions to take the lead

The main strategy for contact centers to succeed in the current industry is to select effective cloud solutions. A crucial and effective method to future-proof your contact center and improve customer experience in these unpredictable times is to go to the cloud. Although cloud integration has generated a lot of attention, only 10% of contact centers use the required cloud technologies. The bulk of businesses is still taking their time, switching from on-premises to cloud contact center software. However, early adopters will allow companies to grow rapidly and keep their momentum even during severe economic downturns.

3. Concentrating on optimizing the workforce

It is crucial to consider the various technological capabilities while considering the importance of cloud contact centers in light of the present market circumstances. Workforce optimization software (WFO) used to be merely an addition to the stable, WFO today is a crucial component of processes that are driven by growth.

This program keeps you ready for periods of increased traffic and flux at your contact center. Also, the removal of various systems and interfaces is a major advantage. For agents and supervisors, native WFO makes it simpler to understand and immediately increases efficiency. The goal is to streamline the system and maximize efficiency. Also, the removal of various systems and interfaces is a major advantage. For agents and supervisors, native WFO makes it simpler to understand and immediately increases efficiency. The goal is to streamline the system and maximize efficiency. Also, the removal of various systems and interfaces is a major advantage. For agents and supervisors, native WFO makes it simpler to understand and immediately increases efficiency. The goal is to streamline the system and maximize efficiency.

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4. Smart procedures for redefining quality management

Measuring a contact center's success requires effective quality management (QM). Quality is perceived differently because of shifting market circumstances. To make sure that contact center agents are aware of customer expectations, you should keep an eye on your success metrics in compliance with these measures.

The foundation of all quality management, however, will be call recording and feedback gathering. Making your agents feel like active participants in this growing process rather than as objects of performance evaluation is also crucial; doing so would foster a more all-encompassing commitment to quality.

5. Omnichannel utilization

Gain customer experience points quickly by reaching your customers where they feel most at ease. Calls aren't the only form of contact available to today's consumers. They communicate via social media, messaging services on the internet, and other methods. Your contact center agents will be able to develop a unified customer profile. They will make it if you have a cloud solution that keeps you in contact with your customers across all major platforms and returns all the information to a single desktop.

If you are omnichannel, you are always accessible. With the inclusion of live chat, you can offer accessibility and help to your customers much more quickly, raising the bar for the procedure's entire customer experience.

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6. Obtain customer feedback scores

According to statistics, 54% of consumers around the globe have higher customer service expectations now than they had a year ago. Additionally, from the same report, 90% of consumers believe organizations should give them the opportunity to provide customer feedback. On the other hand, 37% of customers say they are only occasionally given the opportunity to provide feedback.

To understand how your customers view your contact center, collecting feedback on best practices for 2024 can be very beneficial, as it will let you understand how your contact center is doing.

7. Assisting your agents

It takes extra effort on your part to get your team and agents accustomed to the contact center's environment because change and adaptation are difficult.

This would entail offering comprehensive training for all the tools and solutions. Also, acclimating them to new measurements and standards and inspiring them to succeed in the new environment. In this process, a Live agent performance feature can help you motivate your agents. However, in difficult times, brands that are successful and understand the importance of supporting their employees will perform better. Programs for employee care also have a long-term effect on employee engagement, turnover rates, productivity, loyalty, and retention, all of which have quantifiable financial advantages.

8. Identify Customer Experience

Previously, agent behavior was the factor that determined the success of contact centers by favorably affecting customer experience outcomes. However, this variable isn't the most reliable for providing a satisfying customer experience.

Customer experience may suffer if incentives are placed on contact center KPIs like low handling time. These kinds of KPIs are commonly used in the sector and continuously hurt experience points by forcing workers to conclude calls early without fixing the problem.

In this situation, the best course of action would be to keep positive feedback and close issues while closing calls at a lower average time. In the long run, these indicators will determine the success of cloud contact centers.

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9. Utilize self-service to support your agents

When AI and automation are mentioned in a professional setting, "replacing humans" is the first thing that people think of. However, especially at contact centers, that shouldn't be the case and isn't.

To increase productivity in cloud contact centers, self-service and automation are fantastic features that will only help agents work more effectively. Self-service channels are quite practical, even economically, for dealing with simple, everyday problems.

To provide the agent more time to handle complicated issues, self-service should only be managed by the agent.

Additionally, this procedure makes it much simpler for customers to handle simple problems on their own and makes it simple for them to contact an agent when they need assistance. Building a strong self-service protocol for contact centers requires using the appropriate technologies and procedures.

10. Being adaptable and quick

The key to success for contact centers in 2024 is adaptability. Businesses must adapt and offer the finest service during times of transition. Market dynamics and customer demands can change at any time.

Some main components for dealing with industry change include using technology, changing growth metrics, reevaluating customer success indicators, etc.


Keep up with tried-and-true contact center best practices in a world that is rapidly changing in unanticipated ways. Don't allow the hubbub to get in the way. Keep an open mind to novel ideas and cutting-edge technology at the same time.

The company should advance through faster omnichannel cloud contact center solution adoption. Including chatbots that are powered by artificial intelligence. This could be incredibly helpful for dealing with spikes in contact volume.

Don't anticipate the world to completely revert to the way it was before the pandemic; instead, carefully choose what you embrace to confront obstacles. Work with partners who have both technology and contact center experience as you investigate technology (and services) solutions, such as the cloud and more advanced WFM, AI, or new digital channels.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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