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Five Steps to Delight Contact Center Customers

How often do customers leave companies because of the poor customer service they provide? Yup, you are right, all the time. Not answering the call in a timely manner or putting a customer on hold while they have an urgent problem and letting them keep waiting for the support agent to solve the issue makes customers leave the company no matter how good the product or the service is.

That is why companies of all sizes should strive to “delight” the customer by providing exceptional customer services that would make customers feel looked after.

And everything starts with the basics that are often overlooked.

Meet five steps that delight Contact Center customers at all stages of customer service

According to the feedback from Live Contact Center Solution customers from different industries such as banking, insurance, utility…the results show that the better the companies are in the customer service area, the more loyal customers they have.

One more crucial thing is exceeding customer expectations during service interactions at all channels equally by implementing a couple of rules that support great customer service:

  1. Setting up workflows that will automatically help navigate the customer to the resolution 24/7
  2. Making first contact resolution (FCR) as effective as possible by focusing on the right metric
  3. Eliminate duplicate conversations
  4. Using knowledge database that reduces resolution time
  5. Creating a tailor-made solution for each customer

Workflows that solve the problem automatically

Aligning every communication channel into one logical model that can automatically process each and every customer interaction and instantly guide the customer to the resolution - based on predefined triggers in the customer journey - is what makes workflow automatization in contact centers a great way to start deploying fast first contact resolution even while you agents are not working.

Make first contact resolution as effective as possible

You have probably heard of the famous Pareto principle of 20-80 that can be seen in all businesses where 20% of the customers generate 80% of the profit. Well, this rule can also be seen in the customer service department, where 80 percent of the calls will be dealt with within 20 minutes. It also means that in those 80 percent of answered calls, a lot of them will be transferred on hold.

Customers and clients don't like to be put on hold, so many of them will hang up immediately, and others who are going to wait are willing to wait no more than one minute. Then they will also hang up the phone leaving interaction with your company, unsatisfied and with no answers.

Therefore, companies should heavily focus on one metric, especially if they would like to keep their customers happy and make the contact center effective:

Therefore, companies should heavily focus on minimizing call waiting time by implementing features such as callback option (which enables clients to select an option to be called back when it suits them the best so they don’t have to wait on hold). Include interactive voice response system (IVR) and intelligent call routing matching the most skilled resources (agents) to the appropriate customer inquiry in order to deliver the most effective customer support and use predefined scripts while talking to customers.

No duplicate conversation with customers

Having customers ask your contact center agents the same questions or repeating their case over and over again wastes everybody’s valuable time and irritates your customers.

That is why it is of high importance for your contact center to have a proper solution that could provide an agent with a customer 360 view at the moment of customer interaction, providing valuable customer data such as history, personal data, previous purchases, behavior, problem description marked from the first line support, and more. Having all this data significantly increases contact center efficiency and speeds up resolution time.

A knowledge database that reduces resolution time

A massive shift is underway in terms of customers’ service preferences. Most companies believe that customers overwhelmingly prefer live phone service to self-service but most recent data show that customers are heavily moving into self-service.

That is why a valuable knowledge database that gathers previously solved issues and answers to the most frequently asked questions is a very important factor of successful customer support and great customer experience.

Tailor-made solution for personalized experience

Whether you are a company heavily relying on telephone support or a company that solves customer problems mainly through emails, the last but not the least is to offer a fully personalized experience to delight your customers.

Provide your support on any channel your customers prefer, present a frictionless user experience by directly addressing their needs and offer them exactly what they want at the time that suits them (with a little help from AI-powered customer segmentation).


Creating a great customer journey is essential as customer service goes beyond pure customer interaction management – it is becoming a part of the value proposition and company branding.

Use our know-how and work smart, not hard. 
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