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May 11, 2020

From Contact Centre to Virtual Centre

Some things never go out of style, such as watching your favorite movie, listening to Frank Sinatra, or eating a home-cooked dinner. But, unfortunately, your Contact Centre isn't one of those things.

Many Contact Centers are missing out on new ways of connecting with their customers and are hence getting overwhelmed with unresolved issues, unhappy customers, nervous agents, unreachable business KPI’s, and so on.

A good Contact Centre makes an impact on three key pillars:

  1. Your customers
  2. Your agents
  3. Your business

Transform your Contact Centre into an intelligent engagement center through virtualization and automation, and take care of your key stakeholders.

Modern customers prefer engaging with customer service using an omnichannel approach like social media, video chat, and email. They want to communicate when it’s most convenient for them, and waiting in line does not fit into this. So you need to keep up if you want to keep your customers.

Some of the Best Functionalities for Contact Centre Modernization

Video and Co-browsing - Schedule a virtual meeting with clients and maintain personal contact by using video calls and co-browsing to resolve user queries. Make your customers feel more important with one-on-one communication.

Contact Form on the Web - Every web entry form immediately becomes part of a clearly defined workflow, and there’s no more unnecessary rewriting of data.

E-mails - Automated classification and responses to received emails become part of the business process.

Voicemail - Clients leave messages which generate items that become part of the business process. No more long waits for an agent to answer the call.

Agentless Campaigns – If you need to collect consent or other similar information. You don't have to wait for the client to call you, you can call them! But without using your contact center staff, Live by Asseco will work for you.

Live team can help your business reach more customers in less time, solve their issues more promptly and in the most cost-effective way possible.

Use our know-how and work smart, not hard. 
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