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September 1, 2022

KentBank elevates customer relations with Live omnichannel communication platform

KentBank is a Croatian bank focusing on business with retail clients and small and medium-sized enterprises through a business network of 16 branches across the country. With a network of more than 1,000 ATMs and advanced digital Internet and mobile banking services, It's the first boutique bank in Croatia for clients' business and personal financial needs, especially entrepreneurs and professionals.

Recognizing that many clients want a bank that will support them in achieving their personal and business ambitions and a direct and personal relationship with respect and attention, KentBank based its business strategy on this approach. Following its strategic direction, the Bank offers its clients a unique place and concept within the banking sector in Croatia – Kent Club. A specially arranged space in the Bank's branch office in the center of Zagreb is intended for gathering and networking of the Bank's Clients where they exchange knowledge and ideas.

Streamlining all communication under one platform

After being the fastest growing Bank in 2020, KentBank will inevitably continue to grow and remain at the top regarding asset growth rate. Wanting to be available to its clients at all times, KentBank implemented ASEE Live, an omnichannel communications solution. By implementing Live, the bank is aiming to streamline all communication under one platform across all channels such as email, phone, social media, website, etc.

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The bank's contact center was set up from the ground up with a team of 15 experts on the ASEE and KentBanks sides. The team implemented a contact center solution directly connected to all relevant departments and information within the company. It was also designed to answer common questions that customers could have concerning the services they receive from the bank and information about the bank's products.

The new contact center was launched into production after GAP analysis, system configuration in the test environment, testing, deployment to the production environment, integration with existing systems, and final testing.

Enhanced user engagement and brand loyalty

Live platform is completely focused on providing solutions for communication bottlenecks so the bank can serve their clients promptly and over their preferred channel.  Live Contact Center solution enabled KentBank to focus on improving customer experience and leaving their employees to focus on the essence of the communication with over 200 bank employees with access to the platform.

„We are dedicated to cultivating relationships and putting our clients first to deliver the greatest possible customer experience and communication. We were able to accomplish precisely that by building our contact center with the ASEE Live team“, said Hasan Ecesoy, CEO of KentBank.

Introducing a brand-new customer communication system significantly impacted how the bank operates. Despite the multiple processes that needed to be implemented, everything was finished promptly and to the great satisfaction of both teams.

The bank must provide accurate information to its clients as fast as possible. Implementing a centralized communication system that provides a complete history of contacts and connections to other bank systems enabled prompt reactions. In the first months after implementing the new contact center, there was a considerable improvement in client communication satisfaction and reduced response times to client inquiries. The bank enhanced user engagement and brand loyalty. It also fostered a customer-centric culture where everyone in the organization is focused on the same goal.

Live assists companies all around the world in boosting their profitability by streamlining and automating internal and external communication.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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