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December 23, 2021

Live Platform Digitizes Business in Four New Companies Around the World

Live is a platform that helps companies worldwide grow their profitability by optimizing and automatizing their internal and external communication motivating their customers to engage actively with their brand.

In Q4 2021, Live was chosen by four major companies in Egypt, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina to digitalize their business and bring customer communication to a new level.

A bank in Egypt chose Live for their Contact Center and Virtual Front Desk Solution. The implementation is still on, and we can't wait to get impressions of our first banking reference in Egypt.

In Croatia, a bank and biggest automotive Group in the business of sales and maintenance of new and used vehicles, and various assistance services wanted to automate business processes and unify all communication channels in one platform, and that's where Live brought digital transformation and helped the business to run more smoothly.

Also, a bank in Bosnia & Herzegovina can now have even more connected processes in their contact center and focus all their energy on customers, not on administration.

We are very proud of all our projects and strive to provide an excellent customer experience in addition to our immersive know-how gathered from hundreds of projects and more than 30 years of experience in the business.

Use our know-how and work smart, not hard. 
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