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How to make your company more customer-centric?

Customer-centricity is a business strategy and culture that places a strong emphasis on giving customers the best possible experience while also fostering brand loyalty. Companies have been attempting to create more customer-centric cultures for decades. Yet many businesses find it challenging to fully transition to customer-centricity, even with new technological solutions that make it simpler to connect with customers. According to a CMO Council report, only 14% of marketers consider their companies to be customer-centric. Additionally, only 11% of respondents think their customers would describe their businesses as being customer-centric.

However, even with mountains of evidence demonstrating the benefits of investing in customer experience, creating a company that is truly customer-centric still requires courage. True customer centricity requires a conscious dedication to values that might be in opposition to the kinds of short-term, cost-cutting measures that are simpler to link to the bottom line. A commitment to a set of values that prioritize customers over all other considerations must be made if you want to create companies that are customer-centric. According to a Deloitte report, customer-centric companies are generally 60% more profitable than those that aren't focused on the customer. 

Thus, creating a customer-centric culture has many benefits, despite the fact that it may not be simple. In this article, we'll go through the seven different ways to make your companies to be more customer-centric.

Why is it important for companies to be more customer-centric?

Entrepreneurs are driven to start new businesses for a wide range of reasons, including passion, money, fame, glory, and independence. However, there is one principle that all companies share, regardless of the reason for their founding:

You won't survive if you don't attract and keep customers.

The significance of being a customer-centric company can be inferred from this straightforward statement. Failure is inevitable for a company that disregards its customers. They'll construct the incorrect products, make the incorrect resource investments, and lose consumer trust.

Customer-centric brands show the complete opposite. The entire team is committed to this goal and keeps the needs of the customer in mind. In turn, the companies create goods that satisfy customers' demands, foresee customers' wants, and offer a caliber of customer experience that encourages customers to patronize the business and spread the word about it.

So, how do you handle this challenge in the modern workplace? Make your culture customer-centric. Live platform can help your company, offering you one place for effective customer-centric communication.

Seven ways to build a customer-centric company

1. Encourage active listening

Listening actively to what customers have to say is one of the most effective ways for individual employees to build trust with them. Putting the needs of the customer first requires that everyone in the company develop more empathy. Encourage your customer service agents to carry out research on the people they are trying to assist and to review data that will help them in understanding each customer persona. Learning more about your customers will enable employees to handle requests more effectively, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

2. Synchronize your core values

It's important to integrate your corporate values with the customer-centricity initiative, regardless of the strategy you choose. If you've chosen your values smartly, they should be clear and reflect the actions of your team members. Some companies even take it a step further and include their dedication to customer-centricity in their written values. At least one company value should encourage customer-centric attitudes.

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3. Hire the right people and mold them to the culture

Without employees who support your strategy, it is impossible to advance, even with the most customer-centric company culture and values. It will always be important to hire workers based on their qualifications, but don't overlook attitude. When it comes to hiring, making an effort to evaluate soft skills connected to your customer-centric values can be beneficial. However, including these themes in employee onboarding and any ongoing training you provide is another way to demonstrate your dedication to customer-centricity. Through this, you can not only find excellent employees, but also gradually reinforce the desired behaviors and best practices.

4. Make customer satisfaction a top priority

Customer satisfaction is a great benchmark for evaluating how successful your company can meet the customer needs. Making customer satisfaction the top priority and committing to going above and beyond to make sure customers are happy is one brilliant strategy some companies use. The strategy can have a significant impact on your work processes and schedules, but it's also a surefire way to focus your efforts on the needs of your customers. Your customers will notice your commitment if you change your direction and prioritize their needs. Live platform will help you to work smarter, not harder, that actually makes sense for the company and your customers.

5. Gather customer feedback

It can be impossible to know if changes are having the desired effect without a constant flow of customer feedback. Don't forget to create surveys that offer useful insights into customer satisfaction and other important metrics as you develop plans to become more customer-centric. You can get a great baseline by using surveys that are well-structured and ask the right questions. You can monitor your advancement by conducting follow-up surveys at significant customer touchpoints over time.

6. Connecting with customers through technology

It's simpler than ever to connect with your customers today thanks to the abundance of excellent tools available. Teams of customer service agents can now provide omnichannel support to customers around-the-clock. Live platform is one fantastic solution that directly helps in a customer-centric strategy. Our solution enables your employees to provide your customers with answers that are more accurate and efficient. Setting the right team goals is crucial if you want to create your company's culture to be more customer-centric on the needs of the customer.

7. Establish your customer experience strategy

The companies and brand strategies of your company naturally flow into your customer experience strategy. Your customer experience strategy is your plan to meet or exceed those expectations, just as brand strategy creates (and manages) customer expectations of a brand. It has implications for practically every aspect of your business and is the means by which you can fulfill customer expectations.


Your customers, employees, and bottom line will benefit from your efforts to build a customer-centric company. In a competitive market, you might lose business to companies with larger budgets and teams, but you'll succeed thanks to your commitment to values that your customers value.

Furthermore, making a long-term commitment to becoming genuinely customer-centric can improve the performance of your business overall and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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