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What is a customer callback option & why it matters for excellent customer experience

More than ever, call centers must implement the ideal customer experience if they want to stand out. Delivering a seamless customer experience, however, is difficult. Customers are becoming more demanding, expecting prompt and accurate answers to their questions. Fortunately, there's a fantastic solution to this issue - providing a customer callback option. The customer callback solution can help your business because of a comprehensive set of procedures and auxiliary technologies. As a result, it will assist in improving and delivering a better customer experience at your company.

The best product or service being offered by an agent is no longer a guarantee of success. Understanding how to stand out in a market where competition is getting more intense and how to deliver an unforgettable customer experience are important. The customer dislikes waiting on hold. However, not having this in mind, companies can be difficult to provide a better customer experience. According to a Plum Voice report, 33% of customers said they’re not willing to wait on hold at all. 27.6% said they would wait 1 minute, and only 4.1% said they’d wait as long as it took.

The good news is that technology has developed and can provide a speedy and practical solution when faced with this challenge. You can cut down on waiting time and increase productivity with the callback option.

Let's learn more about the customer callback feature's potential, benefits, and best management practices for call centers.

What is a customer callback option?

When an agent is available to speak with them, the callback feature, also known as "virtual hold," calls the customer back instead of placing them on hold for a lengthy (or simply unknown) period of time. When an agent becomes available, this automated feature detects it. So, the callback option can call the customer and connect them to the agent. Furthermore, depending on your customer callback solution, advanced functionalities enable the caller to choose a specific date and time for a callback with the customer.

Customers will find it simpler to interact with your brand this way and they will not be disrupted.

You'll benefit from shorter wait times and a more cost-effective response to high call center demand if you provide a customer callback option.

The benefits of the customer callback option

The customer callback solution's greatest advantage is that it does away with the negative effects on business that come from keeping customers waiting for too long. As a result, customer service and retention rates improve.

Let's look at eight benefits of the customer callback option and how they could help your business immediately.

1. Improved customer experience

Any business should place a high priority on offering first-rate customer service and experiences. What is a good way to improve the customer experience? Eliminating dreaded hold times when a customer tries to call you. Giving customers a callback option is the simplest and most cost-effective way to accomplish this. According to Software Advice statistics, 63% of respondents prefer a customer callback solution instead of waiting on hold. On the other hand, 74% of customers would switch to a competing brand or company if they found out they provided a better customer experience, according to Shep Hyken Aca study

Customers waste time and become frustrated while waiting in support lines. This has a negative effect on their interaction with your brand. Even if they do eventually receive exceptional support, they will still remember how long it took them to get it.

Why put your customer experience at risk? With a customer callback option, you can establish a solid foundation for the customer experience by offering practical and satisfying services.

Live platform offers your customers no need to wait in long queues when your agents are super-busy. You just need to give them the possibility to let you know their preferred time for communication and the agents can call you back.

2. Enhanced first-contact resolution rates

First-contact resolution (FCR), a crucial call center metric, is essential for evaluating both productivity and customer satisfaction. It is obviously more time-effective for the agent if questions can be answered with just one call or contact. Considering that multiple calls are incredibly annoying for customers, it may also result in higher caller satisfaction. They won't need to keep calling you if you can resolve their problem. Furthermore, fewer inbound calls overall free up more resources.

The morale of your customer-facing teams will benefit from this metric as well.

Your advisors want to solve problems quickly and don't want to deal with angry customers who have had to call you repeatedly.

3. Reduced abandonment rates

Another of the most crucial metrics for call centers is abandonment rates. Long wait times cause more abandoned calls, which raises repeat calls and lowers FCR. It is clear that none of this provides excellent customer service. One of the most effective ways to lower call abandonment rates is to offer a customer callback solution.  In fact, according to the Contract Babel repost, 30% showed that the callback options decrease abandoned calls. If you give customers the option to request a callback, you end the cycle of them hanging up, calling back after two minutes, waiting on hold, and so on.

The callback may balance your workflow by smoothing out calls during busy periods and maximizing resources.

In many situations, the simple tactic of putting in place a callback solution can relieve pressure on the customer service department. Also, removing the primary source of stress for both the agents and the customers. As a result, your customer satisfaction will probably rise as the number of abandoned calls drops.

4. Reduced costs

When a customer is placed on hold in the phone queue, you might be charged per minute. On-hold calls are frequently queued on a phone line with high toll fees at your end, which means you are charged for each second a customer is kept waiting. 

Your customer satisfaction will increase with a customer callback option. So, since fewer callers are put on hold, your cost per call will drop significantly as well.

5. Enhanced high call volume and peak time management

Stressful call volume spikes can happen. So how do you handle the volume of calls when there aren't enough customer advisors to handle them?  You can manage your peak times more effectively with the help of customer callback options.

Agents will be able to spend more time with customers when peak times are under better control, rather than rushing through inbound calls to get to the next one as quickly as possible.

Additionally, it encourages call handlers to perform their duties more effectively.

With a customer callback solution in place, advisors can relieve stress and take their time with each customer. A callback option is also providing a better customer experience and the best results - even during peak times. Without the need to hire more agents, this software significantly lessens the chaos and stress during peak times.

Furthermore, you can decide when to let customers ask for a callback in line with this.

However, this implies that you can limit the customer callback solution's availability to just your business hours or to peak hours.

Customers can opt to be automatically called back once an agent is available, or choose to stay on hold using the customer callback solution. Live allows callers to choose whether they want to be callback at the current number or a different one.

Live is an omnichannel platform that can be integrated with either your current call center software or an existing Live platform.

6. High call volumes and conversions

For meeting customer demands at crucial stages of the purchasing process, a customer callback option in a call center has proven to be invaluable. Just think of how much happier your customers would be if they didn't have to waste an hour of their day waiting on hold while listening to repetitive, monotonous music and pre-recorded messages. A customer is far more likely to recommend your company to his/her friends. Also, they will continue doing business with you when they perceive that you value their time as high as you do your own. According to the Qualtrics XM Institute report, customers who rate a company’s service as “good” are 38% more likely to recommend that business.

As a result, your business' reputation gets better, which opens up more doors for opportunities, sales, and financial gain.

7. Boost the morale of the customer service agent

Removing the annoyance of hold times by giving callers the option of a call-back inevitably results in fewer irate customers. Thus, more customers are generally friendlier and less confrontational. Therefore, agents are happier and less stressed because their working day is filled with fewer challenging calls. This boosts productivity and staff morale. 

Callback reduces average handle times and produces additional operational savings, which again affects your per-minute costs. While staffing must be sufficient to handle the volume, automated callback helps your business call center cut down on attrition and training expenses.

8. Increased attribution

Compared to standard inbound phone calls, customer callback calls are much simpler to track. There is no way to track information about what prompted a customer to call you if they see your phone number on a website and then enter it into their phone to call you. However, you can track the precise user path that led to a customer selecting the callback solution using the callback option.

‍Marketing and monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns and content both greatly benefit from this kind of data. 

This provides you with valuable marketing insight into which campaigns and funnels work best to entice customers to contact your business.

You can use this data to create future campaigns that you know will generate more incoming calls.


Customers will never waste time waiting on the phone, thanks to the callback option. Further, customer callback solutions have the ability to reduce resolution times, increase productivity, and improve overall customer experience. Consequently, customers are happier and more likely to commit to your business. ​​

Our Live platform offers a full range of engagement channels that will enable your customer advisors to easily and quickly connect with your digital customers. Your customer advisors will therefore be completely prepared to deliver better services that will engage and convert more customers than ever.

Would you like to check this for yourself? Start a free trial today and discover what Live customer callback option can do for you.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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