Eliminate Unproductive Client Communication Forever.

Live platform is completely focused on providing solutions for your communication bottlenecks so you could serve your clients in a timely manner and over their preferred channel.

What is Live Platform?

Meet Live and find out why companies are thrilled with the Live modularity, flexibility and ease of use.

Improve efficiency

Every customer service agent is achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort.

Streamline conversations with customers

Without the necessary tools to work efficiently, it is impossible to achieve the superb CX you aspire to.

Unify your data

Make sure all customer data is easily accessible to your employees.

Segment and keep up with changes

Based on your unified data, tailor information to each customer persona.


Discover customer insights
Real-time, historical and analytical data

Service Desk

Scalable IT service soultion
Unified and integrated
ITIL ready

Virtual Front Desk

Digitize your business
Empower agents for remote service
Qualified digital signature included

Campaign & Automation

Reduce agent workload
Close deals faster
Improve process effectivnes


Conversations with context  
Custom workflows
Notifications and Escalations

Communication Channels

Phone, E-mail, SMS, Fax, Video, Chat,
Viber, FB Messenger, Whapp and other,
Letter, Meeting, Multichannel


User managment
Role mangament
System managment

Know Your Customer

Customer 360 cards
Why go with Live?
Built for people, not machines
You don't need a PhD to be able to run Live. We have developed a solution that can easily be understood; and our intuitive user interface makes it so simple to use. This helps users onboard swiftly and significantly reduces implementation time.
No vendor lock-in strategies
We believe in transparency and freedom of choice. One of the key benefits of Live is that our 3rd party agnostic solution enables you to easily implement change requests independently from any vendor. We are thrilled to help you get your business onto the next level while not charging you for something you could easily do by yourself. 
No overcomplicated integrations
One of the things we really pay attention to is that our platform does not require you to have a large IT team or Nikola Tesla in order to integrate our solution with your existing systems. Our API studio makes it really easy to integrate without investing tons of money and time into it.
Implementation measured in days; not  months
We take care that team motivation is always at its peak so your investment in Live Platform makes the best possible ROI. That is why our knowledge center and user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand so you can start utilizing the solution in just a few days.
Flexibility of use
Customizable layout and ability to change many things yourself is what makes Live a flexible solution for companies that would like to scale the number of users or adopt the solution to internal users' needs fully independently from the vendor.
Automatization that really saves your customers time
Managing all channels like one is what makes the core foundation of the Live platform. That is why we strongly focus on integrating everything from webforms that streamline the process of customer complaint by automatically delivering a ticket to the system in a fully structured way to be solved fast, skipping at least 2 unnecessary steps.
Key Live Products

Contact Centre Solution

Anything from IVR to video implementation that lowers contact center agent churn and improves live communication with a customer.

Virtual Front Desk

Elevate your usual communication using an E2E-encrypted connection to boost sales, support, and new customer acquisition, compliant with eIDAS regulation.

Client Management

Fully-loaded client management solution that actively monitors and tracks customer engagement providing you with solutions for improvement.

Service Desk

Service desk and Ticketing solution that does not upset your customers neither lose their time filling inefficient forms.

Live Platform

Live is a modular and flexible communication platform that collects, manages & analyzes communication, data and context so the solution can walk you through the customer success path.

By aligning all communication and processing historical conversations, solutions and previously solved customer issues, Live is in the position to become a proactive team member in your organization that ensures maximum effectiveness by optimizing and automating each and every communication step to the maximum.  

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Key features
One platform for all your communication channels and much more
The #1 reason why companies love using Live is that it helps them unify and centralize communication from all channels in a simple-to-use way. Having fully centralized communication helps companies reduce customer churn and increase time to resolution by double digits (#1 causes of customer support failures).
Performance management tool
Get control over data-driven key performance indicators (KPIs) of your organization. Track everything from debt collection utilization, non-productive contact center activities or identify the time-per-incident structure.
Active contact center monitoring assistant
Live allows you to keep track of your contact center activities, identifying the most and the least productive activities and behavior regardless whether you are running a sales-driven or collection-driven contact center.

You will be able to answer the following questions:
● Who are your top/low performing contact center specialists?
● What is the time to resolve and agent-waiting time?
● What is the time utilization rate per support staff, incident or an account?
● How to reduce unproductive behaviour?
● How many tickets are resolved outside the agreed SLA timeframe and what are the reasons?

CRM that actually understands the dynamics between you and your customer
Live enables you to have an insight into all communication activities within a company and between the company and their clients. Moreover, Live will structure and segment all communication per type, incident, ticket or task. Detailed customer communication analytics that Live provides help to:

● Evaluate your ROI – what is the return on time spent on some activities?
● Make sure that the right people are assigned to the right ticket, incident or given task
● Monitor how many hours your contact center team spent on unproductive and routine activities that could be automatized with workflow automatization
● Identify inefficient and unproductive activities in the support or sales process

Intelligent client engagement monitoring
Based on the various metrics and KPIs, you will be able to actively monitor each client engagement and the effectiveness of the omnichannel communication within a certain client.
This will give you an opportunity to:

● Find out who are your most time-consuming clients and take necessary steps in this regard
● Reconsider client fees and contractual terms in order to optimize profitability.
● Discover where you need to increase fees or terminate cooperation.
● Determine realistic fees for new engagements.
● Keep evidence of completed tickets and service desk incidents per client request

Omnichannel support platform
As a multitasking environment becomes a reality for many companies and individuals, customer communication becomes more complex than ever.
That is why we focused on developing an interface that could be easily understood, managed and learned by both sides' internal staff and clients that should engage with the solution.
Predictive reporting tool
Live reporting modules are backed up by superb AI models working beneath the hub to provide companies with a holistic picture of organization performance so you can easily diagnose the gap between the planned and the actual performance and take corrective action based on properly segmented, personalized and analyzed details offered in real-time.
Feel the Power of Live.
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