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Which benefits does Live Ticketing put on the table?

Live Ticketing solution enables companies to streamline all customer complaints, incidents and problems into one place where advanced AI models can assist in solving most frequent tickets automatically, saving you tons of time per agent.

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Key benefits

Bridging the communication gap.
Live connects customers and companies, focusing on resolving their issues by aligning all communication touchpoints into one place.
Intelligently split tasks so there are no support bottlenecks.
Live ticketing system enables you to enjoy the full power of dispatch automation by using advanced configuration and algorithms that intelligently allocate tickets to employees that are going to solve the issue fastest and most accurately, so the right resources are engaged at the right moment.
Under the hood everything is good.
Who loves a ticketing solution, right? We fully understand that so, while using Live, the only thing your customers should do is engage with your company over their preferred channel of communication and the ticketing system will intelligently dispatch tickets to the right resources, making time-to-resolution metrics plummet.
Fully-personalized support communication.
By personalized, we do not mean only being on a first-name/last-name basis but using accurate, customized data, for example, knowing their previous issues and pain points even before you start solving the following problem. This functionality will reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction by not asking the same question repeatedly on each touchpoint or making them take unnecessary steps in the process.
Never miss a deadline again.
Live Ticketing system lets you focus on support quality while it takes care of deadlines, SLA terms, and conditions. This feature saves you from potential customer misunderstanding or forgetting a critical task & deadline that you are committed to.
Reduce support staff churn rate by double digits.
By smart methodology balancing, Live recognizes how to dispatch tickets so that you get the optimum results within the team while not “burning out” your support staff. This will help you significantly reduce staff churn rate, which reduces employee acquisition costs by double digits.
Key Features

Ticket Automation

Get tickets sorted out and routed in the most productive way for an agent to process them, so you surpise your customers with the swift resolution time.

Team Collaboration

Bring in the right people to collaborate and seek for a best customer solution
in real-time, avoiding back-and-forths.

Automated Workflows

Automatically assign tickets, actions, daily tasks and more, allowing your agents to streamline their daily operations with automated workflows.


Holistic reporting that shows you all the important KPIs and stats you need to make way smarter business decisions about your services.

Feel the Power of Live.

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