Customer Complaint Processing Solution

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Customer Complaint Processing Solution

Never Miss a Complaint Resolution Deadline.

Top benefits:

Maintain consistent records across touchpoints

Customer complaints can be received through multiple sources (contact centers, service staff..) and via different channels (phone, email, social media, chatbot, or direct mail). It is imperative to maintain consistent records across the organization. To meet regulatory and customer requirements and provide actionable information, complaints must be collected and centralized to be tracked, identified, investigated, and managed properly throughout the organization.

Regulatory compliance monitoring

Another dimension of customer complaints monitoring is properly managing regulatory compliance issues. Live enables companies to meet both governmental and internal regulations for complaint handling as there is a limited amount of time to resolve complaints defined by the regulatory framework applicable to your company.

Smart notifications and advanced metrics

Live provides key compliance metrics and smart notifications to help you keep track of regulatory and SLA compliance deadlines, as well as responses and follow-ups to ensure timely responses to all complaints.

Industries that benefit from Live Compliance Solution:

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