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Live Debt Collection Solution is what makes it easy.

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Key Benefits that Live Debt Collection solution delivers:

Fully automatized collection strategy.
Based on debt amounts and due dates, Live BPM engine helps you create fully automated collections processes that allow you to focus on your job while the system improves your cash flow.
Reach the right person every time.
No more jumping between multiple agents before you're able to find the person you're looking for. Live right-party contact saves you time and money by enabling customers to reach the right person every time instead of waiting in line.
Configurable collection strategies & workflows.
Automatically assigned collection strategies define the planned collection process activities based on flexibly adjustable workflows and task management capabilities.
Reduce unnecessary manual work to avoid human errors.
Automatic segmentation of outstanding delicate loans and adequate collection strategy assignment are managed by flexible and adjustable business rules saving you from manual work and potential human errors.
Smart early-phase notification across all channels.
The early-phase client contact strategy uses all supported communication channels (voice, fax, SMS, e-mail, chat) and saves you from falling behind your collection process.

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