Inbound and Outbound Call Management Solution

Proactive Customer Service Approach.
A seamless customer experience across multiple channels

Key benefits of Inbound and Outbound Call Management

Strengthen customer relationships.
By increasing contact touchpoints and strategies, you will quickly feel how the quality of your customer experience improves. Small things like automatic welcome calls to a new customer strengthen customer relationships and provide an opportunity to offer additional products or services.
Proactive customer feedback collection.
Asking a customer for feedback via quick survey just after a service has been provided demonstrates your interest and care for customers and quality of service. Ultimately this will motivate your customers to advocate your business, drive referrals, and thus increase revenue.
Intelligent inbound call routing.
Intelligently deciding who takes the incoming customer call (based on knowledge and resources) can make a difference in the service support world. Automatically assigning a call to the right agent gets customer's issues resolved sooner, so the agent can help more customers throughout the day and keep your clients happy.
Advanced IVR set up.
It is not easy to personally answer every call you receive even though you set up automatic agent dispatching. But, enabling Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that gets much more manageable. The result of IVR implementation benefits customers (they can find answers faster) and agents (they only need to attend to calls that need their attention). Thus saving tons of time and nerves on both sides. Also, the Live IVR solution can read data from external systems like CRM automating repetitive questions giving an agent more time for activities that bring more value.
Real-time customer prioritization.
Speaking to a customer in real-time leaves very little time for preparation. This is where Live assists agents in getting to know the context in real-time communication by analyzing everything and combining it with customer history, offering a “customer 360 view”. This way, agents can deliver quality on-spot support.
Context visualisation.
Enabling contact center agents to identify high-priority cases is just the starting point at Live. Advanced features that genuinely understand the context and indicate key points help agents visualize the best next step in improving support efficiency.

5000+ agents that use Live Inbound and Outbound Solutions are within following industries:

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