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Organize Tickets So That System Serves You, Not the Other Way Round.
Not just another ticketing solution.
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Work closely with your customers, store and track everything in one place, and organize tickets the way your team finds it easy to use.

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You don't have to use multiple tools to...

Run different processes  for various support, care, or sales related cases.

Seamlessly switch between different tickets and flows or create a new workflow that best serves your customers’ needs.

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Meet Key features

Easily convert customer communication into a ticket from any channel.
One of the key features that will boost your customer satisfaction is that Live enables agents to convert any communication into a ticket easily.
Intelligently structure your work.
Live workflows make your work clutter-free. No code workflow set up makes it easy for an admin to organize flow that will help agents navigate the process easily, resolving tickets effectively.
Never lose an eye on important things.
Live smart notifications enable you to actively track all tickets and customer responses to structure priorities and first escalate the most important issues.
Real-time escalations.
Forget about unhappy customers and mysteriously forgotten tickets. Live will help you organize your entire customer support and follow through with all issues from the beginning to the end in real-time due to a proper escalation process.
Secured documentation storage.
With folders and subfolders, you’ll be able to create a structure that helps you organize all of your support work in a neat and easily accessible way for both sides - you and your customer.

Feel the Power of Live.

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