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June 7, 2024

ASEE Live at Radilica - Contact Center Industry Meet-up

This year's edition of the Radilica MeetUp was held in Zagreb at the Kaptol Boutique Cinema, and, once again, we are delighted to be partners in this event! Radilica is a team with many years of experience in psychology, communication, and improving the user experience in all industries.

The MeetUp, themed "A[I]gent - AI in Call Centers," highlighted the pervasive presence of artificial intelligence. Everyone is talking about AI, emphasizing its advantages, cautioning its shortcomings, and integrating AI into existing technologies across different business sectors. Contact centers have been included in this AI revolution; they are already extensively employing AI. From chatbots to virtual agents, AI is already redefining how we communicate with customers. At this MeetUp, experts showcased the latest achievements and best practices in integrating AI into contact centers.

A highlight of the event was the presentation by Mario Turčić from the Live Team, titled "Retrospective of Call Centers - The Dynamic 15." Mario provided an insightful look into the evolution of call centers over the past 15 years, exploring how technological advancements have transformed customer service and call center operations. He discussed the rise of social media, the integration of cloud computing and big data, the advent of omnichannel and personalization strategies, the impact and aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what the future holds for call centers.

Mario Turčić, Business Analysts Team Leader at ASEE Live

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