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How to improve customer experience in the airline industry?

The term "customer experience" in the airline industry refers to how a customer feels and perceives their journey through the various stages of departure and airport arrival.

In this highly competitive industry, every company strives to stand out and win customers. The quality of customer service provided to passengers may be the only differentiator. Live provides you with a one-of-a-kind platform with a unified interface for managing all communication channels, allowing you to delight your customers wherever they are.

In the airline industry, the customer experience must come first and above all else. Unhappy or disengaged customers always result in less money and fewer passengers. A positive customer experience is essential whenever a client travels.

In this blog, we'll focus on five ways to improve the customer experience in the airline industry, asas well as other important topics to consider, such as:

  • Why is social media monitoring important for the airline industry?
  • Advantages of social media monitoring in the airline industry
  • Airline measurement success in customer experience management

Five ways to improve your customer experience in the airline industry

Follow these five steps to develop a passenger-first strategy as part of your airline's customer experience plan:

1. Cost of service and experience

Generally, offering customers a lower price may bring you one or two customers. However, providing exceptional service may result in a lifelong client. Businesses should concentrate on making visitors feel unique or simplifying their lives. That’s why Live is built. To help you with your internal and external communication and processes, enabling your customers to engage actively with your company.

2. A successful resolution to the customer's issue

If all customer issues and queries are swiftly resolved, the company may see a large rise in client loyalty. It could be uncomfortable and inconvenient to communicate with a representative over the phone or in a chat merely to get a window seat.

That’s why customers can benefit from using customer service management solutions that can help them rapidly choose their preferred seats and find solutions to other queries. Our Live solutions and scalability enable you to easily extend or build extra functionality on top of it without limitations.

3. Increasing brand loyalty through an omnichannel experience

Omnichannel customer support can improve customer experience in the airline industry. Travelers seek quick and simple access to customer experience. Everyone is familiar with the rush of trying to make a flight against the clock. Customers don't want to waste time attempting to seek assistance.

Customers will feel much less frustrated if you have a devoted and dependable airline contact center they can use to communicate with by phone, web chat, SMS, or an app. Social media should not be ignored. On social media sites like Twitter, be active and responsive to questions and requests for help.

According to a Wunderman Thompson report, 42% of consumers say a seamless customer experience across all devices and channels is a top expectation. On the other hand, only 11% of decision-makers see seamless, omnichannel customer experiences. As the most important factor when delivering quality experiences.

4. Comprehend your customer

Adapt to the requirements of all kinds of clients. Additionally, create experiences that meet their individual needs. Although, according to the Emplifii report, 56% of consumers feel that the quality of the customer service they receive has a higher impact on how positively they view a brand than any other criteria.

However, to provide a positive and seamless customer experience in the airline industry, it is essential to make it simple for customers to manage their many difficulties. For example, such as keeping track of a checked bag, choosing a seat, or swiftly interacting with a customer service representative.

5. Give your customer experience employees the best equipment possible

Moreover, your customer experience employees are at the center of your overall customer service experience. According to a PwC report, 46% of consumers will abandon a brand if employees are not knowledgeable.

Furthermore, even if you make every attempt to improve customer experience in the airline industry, it is crucial to provide your staff with the equipment. Also, software, and training they need to handle customer issues and questions.

Customer experience tools are employed to respond to customer complaints and inquiries in the most organized manner possible. With our advanced features, the Live platform can help you create a “wow” customer experience across all channels.

Why is social media monitoring important for the airline industry?

Millions of mentions of airline companies are made every day on social media. Examples of this range from travelers posting pictures of the clouds outside their windows to irate customers complaining about the service.

Airlines can better understand customer behavior by watching social media and implementing new initiatives in response.

Social media monitoring is one of the customer experience tools. Along with other analytical and reporting features that help to comprehend consumer behavior.

Live can help you use the power of social for multichannel messaging for sales, marketing, and support. Furthermore, integrate seamless customer support while automatically capturing fresh leads from social media.

Social media monitoring sites have several advantages. You can learn more about the benefits from the list below.

1. The ideal agent for the complaint

The agents are assisted by a variety of customer experience management technologies in gaining insights and in-depth knowledge about the issues and questions posted on social media platforms.

By seeking the assistance of specialists from throughout the organization to aid with challenges, agents may give more in-depth solutions in less time, increasing customer satisfaction.

2. Data-driven choices

Analyze the likes, dislikes, and positive and negative comments that customers post on social media to shape your airline services. To provide passengers with a more personalized customer experience and increase their satisfaction, social media data can be employed.

Handling negative feedback - People have complained about the poor service quality, the boarding facilities, and other issues. A single hurtful comment can have a domino effect in today's digital environment.

Afterward, your organization may suffer severe consequences as a result. Airline companies can monitor unfavorable reviews and offer an instant remedy, which can help to increase customer brand loyalty.

The world is more connected than ever, thanks to social media. Customers and businesses are becoming more interconnected today. Every organization has taken advantage of this platform to stay current, communicate, and offer the best value.

Customers anticipate the airline industry to follow suit. You might help your customer develop trust in you by posting a Twitter announcement about a delayed flight or extra security measures.

Moreover, automatically capture new leads from social media while enabling seamless support for your customers.

CRM solution - Live by ASEE

Airline Measurement Success in Customer Experience Management

Even after using the greatest techniques and equipment for your airline, you must be wondering how you can measure how effective your customer experience management system is.

You can assess your customer experience management tool's effectiveness in a few different ways.

1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Surveys can assist you in learning about the good and bad customer feedback and what they thought of the service experience they had with your airline.

Net promoter score: This metric tells you how many customers are pleased with your customer experience and would enthusiastically refer your airline to their friends and family. In addition, this is also assessed through a survey or feedback form that customers fill out.

2. Social Media Monitoring

Although many customers use social media to communicate both their praise and their unhappiness, few businesses use it and respond.

The overall effect is that the client has a frustrating one-way customer experience. Monitoring social media data enables you to better understand the kind of questions being posed, which enables you to put better processes in place to address those problems. Meanwhile, it also enables you to know when to respond to a customer.

3. Tracking the overall resolution rate

Generally, your responsibility is to close the loop and resolve the issue. So when a customer reaches you with a question or a complaint.

The customer could be reluctant to do business with you again if you don't respond or provide adequate assistance. The success of your customer service may depend on rising resolution rates.

4. Average Ticket Processing Period

Handling time is a way to track how much time an agent spends working on a certain case.

Your team will be more effective the less time you have. However, it's important to avoid concentrating solely on this. As agents can rush through client tickets rather than offer a top-notch customer experience.

Make sure to provide experiences that create memories and last a lifetime in the heart of your clients. Also, provide your customers with the best possible customer experience. To win over customers, you must provide them with fully customized experiences. The airline industry can help by using social media monitoring to provide customers with a customized experience.

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Serving your consumers to the best of your ability should be your main focus. Knowing how to do so in the airline sector is not enough, you must also actually put it into practice across all of the customer experience channels. For more information on how the Live product family can support and enhance your CX strategy, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Find out more information on how Live product family can support and enhance your CX strategy.

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