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Improve customer experience with multilingual customer support

Many companies are offering multilingual customer support to serve more customers and develop brand loyalty. Their goal is to look for innovative methods to improve their customer experience. According to CSA research, 65% are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers product information in their native language. In addition, 40% will never buy from websites in other languages. This indicates that multilingual customer support is more important than ever. If you want to improve your customer experience, you must commit to using it. When operating across markets, failing to provide multilingual customer support in your customers' native languages increases the chance that they will search for an alternative product or service. According to a Bain and Company report, acquiring a new customer is five times as expensive as retaining an existing customer isn’t news. However, it’s something that many companies still overlook.

Are you unsure where to begin? This article is an excellent place to start! After reading, you will have a better understanding of the top multilingual customer support tips that will ultimately help you to improve your customer experience. Let's start by looking at all the benefits that multilingual customer support can provide for your company.

The benefits that multilingual customer support can offer to your company

With businesses growing more worldwide, expecting all customers to understand a single common language, such as English, limits potential customer reach. Another thing that places your brand behind the competition. As a result, multilingual customer support is important to your company's growth and improved customer experience. 

You can create achievable goals and objectives by recognizing the major benefits of multilingual customer support.

1. Enhanced customer loyalty and trust

Customer support in the customer's local language will help you develop trust. Building trust is important at all stages of the buying cycle, and thus increases brand loyalty.

2. Improved customer experiences

You may increase customer happiness and eventually improve customer experiences by providing customer support in native languages. According to a Business Insider report, 66% of customers will pay more for a product because of the exceptional customer service, including multilingual customer support, they receive from a company. 

3. Increased customer reach

Multilingual customer support allows you to reach a larger market and attract the attention of a global audience in what you do.

4. Provides you with a competitive advantage

Providing multilingual customer support can help your company stand out in crowded markets. It positions you to attract specific market segments that you can better support. Since you comprehend their culture and have a greater emotional connection with them.

5. Sales growth

The greater your potential customer base, the greater your sales potential. Moreover, translation makes your content more appealing to your target audience. This increases the chances of purchase significantly. Multilingual customer support delivers important economic benefits that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

5 tips to improve customer experience with multilingual customer support

With the benefits listed above and others, your company can achieve even greater sales growth and global brand reputation. With multilingual customer support best tips practices, you can revamp your operational tactics and take your company to the next level.

1. Comprehend the languages spoken by your customers to make the most of implementing multilingual customer support

It is important to understand your worldwide customers' localized language preferences and then deliver quality support in such languages. According to the Babel Magazine report, only 20% of the world's population speaks the English language. This means that 80% of the world's population speaks native languages other than English. Brands like yours should obtain an accurate picture-which is accomplished through customer demographics, email and internet protocol (IP) addresses, and other contact information. Furthermore, your brand can run surveys, asking open-ended questions to gain more information about the culture and languages spoken by your targeted market(s).

2. Make a multilingual website

Creating a multilingual website is an excellent method to reach new markets and ultimately to improve customer experience. The benefits of translating and localizing your website are many. It can expand your potential audience by improving the accessibility of your website, allowing more people to visit it and become customers. Translating support pages on your website, such as Frequently Asked Questions, product information, and important updates, improves customer experience by keeping all customers, regardless of language, informed, making them happier and more likely to become loyal customers.

3. Offer multilingual customer support through a multilingual knowledge base

It is important to have a website in multiple languages to improve the customer experience. However, designing a multilingual website is not always sufficient if you want to expand and reach a global audience. Creating a knowledge base can be a game changer. 

Having a multilingual knowledge base means that your customers and prospects can acquire the information they need whenever they need it. They don't have to wait for office hours or for your employees to catch up on customer support tickets. Knowledge management has become more important than ever for companies that would like to scale internally fast and speed up the knowledge transfer onboarding process. With Live, you can create your own corporate “Bible” by collecting the accumulated organizational knowledge.

The most important advantage of a multilingual knowledge base is its capability to improve customer journeys and make your customers more satisfied with your product. As a result, you can boost your revenue and move closer to being a more customer-centric company.

4. Take time zones into account

Customers are extremely time-sensitive. People have an innate expectation of how long it should take to respond, regardless of culture. For example, if you log in to your account, and it requires a second verification method, you expect to receive a mail with the security code within seconds.

When a customer contacts customer support to make a complaint, they expect a response within a few hours or less. Customers that speak multiple languages present a unique challenge in that you will need to address more time zones.

Setting up a multilingual customer support center that is open 24/7 is the ideal approach to resolve customer issues regardless of their time zone.

5. Use chatbots to shorten problem resolution times

Chatbots are a wonderful tool for customers to assist themselves. It must, however, be able to communicate in the relevant local languages. A multilingual chatbot is an effective solution for meeting market demand and improving customer experience.

Make an effort to keep the language simple and culturally suitable. This also applies to any photos, emoticons, or GIFs that it has been configured to use.

How can Live platform help you improve your customer experience with multilingual customer support?

Managing multilingual customer support can be difficult, regardless of the size of your customer support workforce. Live is a comprehensive customer experience platform that can assist you in providing personalized experiences to your multilingual audience. Customer support content, chatbot scripts, and other forms of communication can be quickly and easily translated into multiple languages, allowing you to scale your customer support operation. If you would like to use the app in any other language, we can easily translate the entire platform to your preferred language.


It all comes down to developing long-term relationships with your customers. As a company grows, so does the need to provide multilingual options. However, to remain competitive in today's increasingly global economy, companies must keep up with the need for unique and localized customer experiences. When done correctly, multilingual customer support can help you to improve customer experience. Another positive thing is to stay in touch with your global audience.

Building good multilingual customer support requires understanding your global audience and selecting the suitable service solution. To assist you, Live platform provides a comprehensive multilingual, omnichannel customer support solution designed to help you meet your customer expectations.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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