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How to increase customer satisfaction by using Customer Support Ticketing System

While dealing with customers, no matter how good your service is, it is inevitable that they will face issues along the way. You can say it is just an integral part of any customer-oriented industry. 

There are many channels where these issues can be raised, such as phone calls, chat messages or emails. Such reported problems are called tickets. In a nutshell, a ticket is any issue or complaint raised by a customer that has to be taken care of. The process of converting such issues raised in multiple channels into tickets in a helpdesk is called ticketing. 

Since there are many different channels customers can issue a complaint, dealing with each channel can become quite chaotic. That is why many companies implement ticket management systems, or in short, ticketing systems

You can consider the ticketing system as a tool that notes and monitors the interactions of customers with service providers. Once a customer reports an issue through chosen channels. The system then marks and processes various requests while tracking their progression, from submission to resolution. The customer ticketing system automatically arranges and prioritizes support.  

A well-established ticketing system allows you to receive, inspect and resolve tickets promptly. No matter what ticketing system you use, it is vital to ensure it enhances and not hinders your customer support. 

Here, we will discuss how using customer support tools like a customer ticketing system can impact relations with your customers.

Ticketing tools and Customer experience 

Day by day, business environments become more and more customer-oriented. Research shows that 56% of customers have higher customer service expectations they had a year ago. This shows us that there is a constant need for improvement. Here, a lot of focus must be directed to ensuring customers do not feel left behind when faced with your product or service.  

Common issues with customer requests 

When solving customer requests, organizations usually have three main issues.  

  • The First one is the growing volume of requests. As technology is becoming more complex, it can be challenging for users to adapt to changes, which results in them seeking your help. For example, you decide to implement a minor (or a more significant) change in your business model. In this case, you can definitely expect your customers to have questions.  
  • The second problem that arises is decentralized support. Most organizations receive requests through a multitude of communication channels. These include email, phone, social media and so on. Having such a decentralized system opens a strong possibility of human error: some requests will be lost or solved incorrectly. 
  • The Third issue is the lack of metrics and information.  

As technology progresses rapidly and more communication channels are used, resolving issues can become overwhelming. Most IT help desks also face the problem of evaluation and reporting. 

Without proper planning for data acquisition, you can end up blind to specific metrics. This process requires a lot of time to form a large enough sample. 

Customer Support Ticketing System
Customer Support Ticketing System - Live by ASEE

Advantages of the Ticketing Management System 

The ticketing system provides many ways of overcoming the challenges mentioned. It centralizes client communication and increases practical problem-solving. A ticketing solution is, therefore, a great tool to automate work that would otherwise be done by an agent. 

With the ticket management system, you now have a centralized communication system. It sorts out customer requests, prioritizes them, and forwards them to the right user. Your customers expect you to handle everything efficiently and timely. 

It is up to you to ensure your customer base feels like you are always there for them. That means that you should always make sure every request is meticulously analyzed and realized to provide the most excellent customer experience. Products such as Live can give your organization an excellent basis to include ticketing within. 

Ticketing system features that drive better Customer experience 

1. Automation of the ticketing system

Consider your ultimate goal: providing a better and faster experience for your employees and customers. With the rapid expansion of daily requests, it can be challenging to deliver the best customer experience. Here, automation is a great way to step up your goal-achieving process. Automations cut out steps of ticket-solving methods that don't require human intervention.  

2. SLA 

SLA, or service-level agreement tracking and management capabilities, are a fantastic addition to a customer ticketing solution. They lay out an agreement between your organization and your customers. They are a predefined scope of agreed work that defines expectations between you and your users. 

SLAs are helping to make sure the service is more accountable and is agreed upon by service providers and users. Not only do they set expectations for the customer but for your support team too. SLAs provide clear guidelines that your service agents have to follow. In this case, your customers know exactly when to expect a follow-up or resolution of their question. 

3. Omnichannel 

Long gone are the days when people contacted customer service using only one channel. When faced with an issue, your customers may try to contact you through many communication channels. Those can include email, chat messages, telephone calls, or social media. This can quickly become overwhelming; you end up bouncing from one department to the other.  

Customer relationship management solutions, such as Live, offer a holistic customer experience with better efficiency. When it comes to omnichannel solutions, they offer many benefits such as:  

  • the uniform interface that provides an accurate overview of the customer 
  • agents being able to use a multitude of different channels 
  • personalized service
  • overview of customer history 
  • quality reports that offer strategic insight 

Omnichannel solutions, such is Live, offer ticketing along many amazing features that drive great Customer experience. 

4. Reporting 

Do you want to find out how your product stands with customers? The best way is to hear it directly from them.  One of the benefits of the ticket management system is that it allows you to remove some redundant tasks from your employees' daily lives. No one likes to be asked the same question twice. Unfortunately, everybody in customer support knows it happens more than the average person might think.  

When you use efficient ticket management software, your employees can see the entire history of communication with a client. This helps make their work less redundant and unclear. 

Furthermore, in addition to simply storing and pulling those records, you can use them to perform data analytics, gather statistics and, consequently, make data-driven adjustments to your corporate workflow. 


Ticketing has become one of the most effective tools for providing a superb customer experience. These solutions help you organize, handle, and track the status of client reports. It also allows you to integrate and centralize different communication channels like email, telephone, video etc. Since it allows you to convert customer communication into a ticket from any channel, communication will become more coherent and easier. Omnichannel platforms like Live have integrated notifications that enable you to track tickets and customer responses. That helps you structure priorities and escalate the most important issues. 

Management can also benefit from ticketing. Having access to data and analytics supplied by customers, you can much better understand who your demographic is and how you can provide them with the best service. This also includes making employee decisions, process improvements, and cost management decisions.  

They may complete the task eventually, but it will not be enjoyable. 

Instead, invest in giving your team the tools they need to consistently deliver a world-class experience to your clients.  

To conclude, fully-personalized support communication reduces churn and helps increase customer satisfaction by not repeating the same question over again. Forget about unhappy customers, organize your customer support and start resolving issue from the beginning to the end. 

Find out more information on how Live product family can support and enhance your CX strategy.

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