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Give festive customers a magical experience: 7 key ways to increase online conversions this Holiday season

The holidays are almost here, and as online retailers prepare for an increase in traffic, offering a seamless and enhancing customer experience becomes critical. To stand out in the crowded digital marketplace, it's essential to minimize customer experience friction. Explore a world where innovation, personalization, and technology combine to create a truly wonderful holiday retail season.

In this blog post, we'll explore seven key ways to provide holiday customers with an incredible shopping experience and increase online conversions.

  • 7 key ways to increase online conversions this Holiday season
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7 key ways to increase online conversions this Holiday season

Here are seven ways to increase your holiday conversion rates.

1. Create festive landing pages

The first thing to do is to start creating some specifically designed Holiday landing pages for your e-commerce store. These pages should instantly make customers feel festive and pleasant. 

Using holiday-themed pictures on your website will make visitors feel festive and in the mood to make purchases, whether you go for a glamorous, sparkly feel or a winter wonderland atmosphere. To avoid confusing customers, however, make sure you maintain a style that is consistent with your brand.

In addition, a well-functioning website is the foundation of a wonderful online customer experience. Pages that load slowly could put off even the most enthusiastic customers.

2. Personalized Shopping Experience

Tailoring the shopping experience to individual preferences adds a touch of personal magic. Personalization increases revenue and customer loyalty. According to the study, compared to slower-growing companies, those with greater growth rates attribute 40% more of their revenue to personalization.

A smoother purchasing experience is achieved through personalization. Utilize AI-powered algorithms to offer tailored suggestions based on past purchases and browsing activities. Customers who receive specialized discounts and promotions feel appreciated and seen.

3. Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

There is no better time to provide a helping hand than during the holiday rush. Provide exceptional customer service to buyers, whether through a live chat feature, a 24/7 hotline, or an extensive FAQ page, to set your brand apart as one that actually cares about its customers. Further, a great way to reduce the holiday stress and build brand loyalty is through customer service.

Live platform could help you solve your communication problems and serve your customers promptly over their preferred channel.

4. Optimize for resolution delivery

A brand's ability to turn website visitors into paying customers can be greatly impacted by friction in the online purchase process. Excessive friction might result in dissatisfaction, abandoned shopping carts, and a bad reputation for the company. According to the statistics, one in four visitors would abandon a website if it takes more than four seconds to load. So, Live helps companies in drastically lowering their abandonment rates by providing unified customer data across all channels at the right moment.

Here are some ways in which friction can thwart your brand's chances of online sales conversions:

  • Creating a gift guide tab that includes holiday or best-selling items in a range of price points. Remember to highlight the greatest reviews for each of these products along with their benefits in a prominent manner. Better yet, include a banner that links to this page across the entire website. 
  • Removing the need for customers to create customer accounts in order to shop. In addition, checkout may be made much more efficient by allowing customers to check out as guests.
  • Empowered agents with the latest CX-specific AI in their toolbox are needed for this delicate balancing act that happens quickly. Automation that interacts with agents—from basic information displays to comprehensive desktop instructions on what actions or words to take—can be quite important. AI can provide your agents with the confidence and expertise they need to manage even the most difficult customer situations.

5. Have a Generous Return Policy

The holidays are a busy time of year. Customers, particularly those making last-minute gift purchases, often give careful thought to return policies.  Assist customers with simple return processes, such as pre-paid return labels and clear instructions. As a result, they will flock toward merchants that provide sufficient and flexible return policies. Consider the conditions of your customers and, if only briefly, extend your return policy. 

6. Offer Free Shipping

Offering free delivery to your customers might be an excellent way to boost sales on your website because customers love free shipping. Give customers a discount or another incentive for spending a particular amount, such as free delivery on purchases above $100, if you can't afford to give free shipping. However, given that a record number of deliveries were shipped worldwide during the last holiday season, order fulfillment is a crucial issue to take into account when customers are deciding which businesses to support. 

7. Don’t forget mobile

Delivering an excellent mobile user experience (UX) to your customers has never been more crucial. Ensure a seamless and responsive design for mobile users. Throughout the holidays, keep the following strategies in mind to raise your mobile e-commerce conversion rate:

  • After you've identified any problems with mobile loading times, use speed analysis tools to spend some time fixing them. Stay away from large media assets and stick to a single, well-optimized main picture. To reduce the digital weight, you should also minimize the use of intricate plugins.
  • Keep things simple and concise instead than having clunky and crowded navigation menus, which can ruin conversion rates. However, simplify the mobile interface without compromising functionality.
  • Long, complicated mobile checkout forms that are challenging to complete can soon turn off today's busy customers. Additionally, reduce the number of steps in the mobile checkout process. Limit the number of fields on mobile forms to the absolute minimum. If there is extra space that requires scrolling, users may be more likely to give up on the checkout process.


Let your online store be the source of magic for customers everywhere this holiday season.  You may create a truly lovely shopping experience by emphasizing user-friendly design, quick performance, personalized experiences, efficient checkout processes, attentive customer service, and flexible return policies. Here are seven ways to increase online conversions for the 2024 holiday season, as our gift to you! We really hope that you can use these tactics to improve all relevant KPIs and convert users into purchases this Christmas. 

However, don't stop there. You can turn the holiday shoppers into loyal customers who return time and time again by creating and maintaining relationships with your buyers far into the new year.

Unwrap the enchantment, lower the friction associated with CX, and watch as your online conversions increase, giving your customers the most magical Holiday ever. Enjoy your shopping!

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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