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7 Ways To Make Debt Collection Easy

The disbursement of a loan, as we currently know it is only the start of a hopeful period of repayment during which a lender expects to receive minimal debt recovery payments. The revenue of the loan dispensing company, however, can suffer if this period is not closely watched. But what if a period like that happens? How are these agents supposed to remember every customer's specifics and deadlines to make debt collection easy?

According to the Chaser report, 87% of businesses report that their invoices are typically paid after the due date. Moreover, 35% of invoices are paid more than 30 days after the invoice due date. So is definitely a difficult task that will significantly lower the productivity of the agents and slow down operations. Causing a chain reaction that will bring about some new issues of its own.

In this article, we'll go through the 7 ways to make debt collection easy and which collection software is the best for your company.

7 Ways To Make Debt Collection Easy

Here are the 7 ways to make sure there is no delay in the collection of debt:

1. Segmenting customers 

Customers may take on different kinds of debts, both secured and unsecured, and for different reasons. Whether it's to finance the purchase of a new vehicle, a home, or perhaps their education (education loan). Therefore, grouping them all together under the same debt collection heading is not a wise idea. Sorting or categorizing the customers based on the type of loan and perhaps their history should be a crucial step, if not the very first one, in the collection process. Different strategies must be used for various segments.

2. Automatic generation of pending debt statements

Another great way to lighten the load on debt collection agents is to automate statement generation and payment notification to customers. You can mail or SMS the borrowers with these automatically generated payment messages. Through a customer's preferred communication channel, automated reminder systems can send thousands of personalized, customized messages. This type of automation not only reduces the amount of paperwork and manual tracking required at the lending headquarters, but it also spares borrowers one or more trips to make payments in person. Based on debt amounts and due dates, Live BPM engine helps you create fully automated collections processes that allow you to focus on your job while the system improves your cash flow.

3. Implement multi-channel contact strategy

Lenders can quickly reach their debt recovery goals thanks to the digitization of the debt collection process. The easiest way to communicate with borrowers today is through digital channels. The debt collection strategies urgently need to incorporate contact preferences and behavioral segmentation. 

You can further extend them to use as a medium to remind the customers about any upcoming dues once you have software that supports all the channels your target audience uses.

More effectively than conventional methods, a customer-sensitive multi-channel contact strategy helps collect responses from borrowers. Delivering customized messages over extended gaps through the customer's preferred channels is possible with the help of advanced analytics, machine learning, and automation.

Email or SMS reminders are the most effective way to accomplish this. According to the Chaser report, using a combination of SMS invoice payment reminders and email payment reminders increases a business's chance of getting paid within a week of the invoice due date by 56%. To follow up on persistent problems, you can also call them. 60% of respondents follow up on late payments over the phone.

It is important to choose the right channel mix. Your productivity and debt collections will go up if you combine these techniques. Live debt collection software offers an early-phase customer contact strategy that uses all supported communication channels (voice, fax, SMS, e-mail, chat) and saves you from falling behind your collection process.

4. Improved self-service capabilities

It is true that a customer-focused collection strategy increases collection success rates and lowers operating costs. Improve the debt collection processes by utilizing self-service options. 

These options enable borrowers to take a do-it-yourself approach to pay off past-due balances. Lenders can enhance the customer experience, manage compliance, and automate the collection process by integrating self-service capabilities into the system and using innovative web tools in a software-as-a-service debt collection model. These options improve customer satisfaction and assist lending companies to make long-term financial savings. With self-service options, encourage late-paying borrowers to speed up loan repayment.

5. Monitoring customer activity in real time

When trying to collect a debt, lending businesses can profit from keeping an eye on the customer's activity in real-time. Intelligent debt collection software makes it possible to monitor customer activity in real time. In other words, the agent will always be kept in the loop and notified as soon as the customer makes a payment. This software will make sure that customers who have already made payments are not called as a reminder. Thus, the agent will save time and prevent an embarrassing call. If the debt collection software supports Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), things become even simpler. The collection agents can pull up all the information about a specific customer while speaking with them thanks to features like CTI. The agent can also remind them of the upcoming due date at the same time. 

You can have real-time monitoring of customer activity with the help of Live debt collection software support with CTI integration. The functions of computer telephony integration (CTI) go far beyond simply adding phone controls to the agent interface. Our software use of CTI enables call centers to increase productivity and boost service quality.

6. Offer a variety of payment options

You can encourage customers to honor their obligations rather than ignore or delay them by offering a variety of payment options. Make sure customers can access their preferred method whenever, however, and as effectively as possible. These payment choices could consist of credit cards, debit cards, corporate purchasing cards, and fleet cards. All of your customers ought to be able to make the payment, so you should plan accordingly.

A payment plan or installments may be preferable to not receiving payment at all, but obviously, this choice will be based on your company's size and cash flow situation.

7. Debt collection software

Debt collection software can improve operational efficiency by streamlining the collection processes and ensuring better coverage and connect rates. Automating routine or ineffective tasks, such as sending payment reminders, frees up collection agents' time to handle urgent matters and hasten debt recovery. With Live debt collection software, you can enhance the collection operational efficiency with an intelligent platform that continually optimizes processes over BPM engine in order to deliver the ideal customer experience.

Why is Live the outstanding software for easier debt collection?

Live Debt Collection Software prevents debt and retains stable cash flow. Remind your customers about their payment obligations in time. Live Debt Collection Software is what makes it easy. With debt collection software like Live in place, you can keep 15% better cash flow, 3 times faster debt collection, and 50% less manual work. 

5 factors why Live is the only debt collection software you need

  • Fully automatized collection strategy.
  • Reach the right person every time.
  • Configurable collection strategies & workflows.
  • Reduce unnecessary manual work to avoid human errors.
  • Smart early-phase notification across all channels.

Your goal as a collection center is to enable both your team and your customers to settle debt more quickly. Implementing debt collection software that is not only reliable but also has a user-friendly interface that makes the work of the collection agents simple yet effective will simplify the process. However, follow these 7 ways to make debt collection easy and generate the best results for your company.

Start a free trial today and discover what Live debt collection software can do for you.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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